Accounting Efficiency

Task automation is the key to accounting efficiency.

Accounting Efficiency

Task Automation is the Key to Accounting Efficiency

Receipt Bank is the number one Xero add-on, helping to automate your accounts payable data entry.

You can submit your receipts and purchase invoices to Receipt Bank in a variety of ways: Via iPhone and Android apps, via Dropbox, email-in, or simply uploaded from your computer.

Receipt Bank's software will extract the necessary data and code the transactions for you. The scanned copies are securely stored in your online account, ensuring your business has its records saved in an easily retrievable way.

Visit the Receipt Bank website here to learn more

Real-Time Results Means More Robust Accounts For Your Business

By bringing all your receipts online as you receive them, it means we can manage your expenses as they arise.

By submitting your bills, invoice and receipts as soon as possible, Receipt Bank helps prevent you losing any of your expenses. It also means the data is available in Xero as soon as possible providing you with real-time information. By adding transactions that have yet to hit your bank account and the supporting documentation of your bank transactions, Receipt Bank ensures the information in Xero is richer than ever before!

Our partnership with Receipt Bank is an example of how Andrews Partners Chartered Accountants uses new technology to help our clients grow their businesses! If you would like a Receipt Bank account, please contact us.

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